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Poker Bankroll: Successful Creation and Management

One of the downfalls of poker players, even successful ones, is the inability to manage their bankrolls. When you are on a roll, you may be tempted to keep playing, even when the logical thing to do is to stop and count your money. This does not always land you in a gambling ditch. Sometimes you get lucky in swiss online casino and multiply your winnings even when the prudent thing would have been to stop several hours ago.

So, how do you ensure that you don’t go broke when gambling?

It takes a bit of practice and discipline, but it can be done. Here are three tips on bankroll management.

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Create and Separate

Create a bankroll for your online poker games and separate it from your personal finances. You do not want to gamble with money meant for the bills, no matter how enticing a game is. If you are having such a good day at the tables, don’t be tempted to touch the separate fund, as this is how players end up losing. Even if you had the roughest day gambling yet, it is always better to walk away knowing your personal money is safe. There is always a better day.

Track your Winnings

You want to know the games where you thrive so you can play more of those. During your games, track the progress, money, and winnings to give you a clear indication of when you start faltering. Some people play their best game when they are still fresh, while others perform best when threatened by loss. It helps to know when you play at your best and what game works best for you.

Play Within your Bankroll

Even if the next game promises the payout of the year, it is not worth it if you cannot afford to lose the money you are about to gamble. Casinos are designed to entice you to play longer and more, and th4e wisest thing you can do for yourself is knowing your limits. Without this discipline, you are likely to be sucked into every promotion, and we know that never ends well. This information is especially useful to newbie players who want to get into every jackpot and new game. If the wager is above what you can afford to lose, then it would be wise to pass.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

When playing live poker, you get offers for food, tips, and spa treatments that look good, but they will reduce your bankroll. They are not necessary, so avoid these expenses as much as possible. The idea is to stay focused on the game and only tipping periodically because it is courteous. The rest that does not count towards wagering is to be avoided by all means. Once in a while, you can indulge in a good deal, but you want to ensure it does not eat too much into your bankroll.


Being disciplined with your bankroll is just as important as being a great poker player. Many have done very well at tournaments, winning millions of dollars in prizes, but they eventually went bankrupt due to poor bankroll management. You could learn from them by applying the above policies.