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Famous Players Who Have Win Big in Casino

Many of you believe that gambling is just luck-based and there is no way you can make a significant profit. In reality, this isn’t the case. Believe it or not, there are professional or famous players who won a lot playing online casinos switzerland. This is a list of the ones who won the most.

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Archie Karas

Archie Karas is probably a person well-known among gamblers, especially professional ones, which like play in no deposit casino. He was an immigrant from Greece and he came to Las Vegas with only $50. Playing poker, he won $40 million in only 30 months. He even defeated one of the best-known poker players, Stu Ungar. Karas is simply known as the player who won the mots and he did that during ‘’the run’’ his streak of good luck.

Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer is a billionaire with the nickname Prince Of Whales. He won $40 million in Las Vegas, playing at MGM Grand Casino. Keep in mind that the details or accurate sum of his winnings is still unknown. He gave $1 million in tips and he spent even more on countless other things. One way or another, this is one of the players who won the highest amount of money playing at a casino.


All we know about this player is that his name is Peter and he lives in Norway. He likes to gamble and he won $38 million one day. He did this by playing progressive jackpot slots. These are slots that base the jackpot size according to the number of bets and players inside the network. More of these means a higher jackpot. Peter won 11.7 Norwegian kroner which translates to the aforementioned USD amount.

Elmer Sherwin

Elmer Sherwin won $25 million in total. He entered Mirage casino in Las Vegas once a day and won $4.6 million. He then did the same thing only 16 years later and won believe it or not $21 million. Yes, he did this at the same casino which makes the whole story even more interesting and appealing. Elmer Sherwin is today known as one of the players who had the most luck playing at a casino and who won a huge amount of money doing a thing he likes.

John Tippin

Compared to other names and winnings on the list, John Tippin won a small amount of money. But, keep in mind that this amount was $12 million which is far from a small amount for all people. He worked in a post office in Las Vegas. He won this playing Megabucks at Gold Coast Casino in the same city and he became a very popular gambler despite the fact he didn’t gamble as much as other names from the list.

The Final Word

As you were able to see, gambling can be shaped with luck and with skills. One way or another, there are many examples where players won big. This should also prove to you that casinos are not rigged and they work in a simple principle. It also means that you can gamble and win big time as well.