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Top Bitcoin Casino Sites

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Need for Spin
Bonus: 300% up to €1000 + 300 Free Spins
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Rolling Slots
Bonus: 200% up to €500+ 100 Free Spins
: 0-1 hour
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Goodman Casino
Bonus: € 500 + 150 FS
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How Bitcoin Casino Online Work?

Blockchain uses some form of Distribution Ledger Technology. This tech is a digital virtual system that allows for the recording of data and transactions in multiple places at the same time. Since information on the ledger is changing and updating simultaneously across the board, it is almost impossible to hack the system or forge the data. In blockchain casinos, this same technology is used.

Year 2008
Limits Minimum of 0.001 BTC
Fees None
Processing Time ●      Instant
Mining Time 10 minutes
Alternatives ●      Ethereum

●      Litecoin

Another feature you will like about blockchain is how it completely blots one the need for middlemen or third parties. Transactions are made and authorised through smart contracts, which help to control fairness and security, allowing for payments and withdrawals without fraud.

Bitcoin is one of the first and major virtual currencies built on this blockchain technology. Due to this, you don’t need a bank institution or any other financial system, as it can operate on its tech, which is even safer than any other.

When an authorised player makes a transaction, blockchain technology must first license it. This creates a block that represents that specific transaction. This block is sent to every computer system in the network, which happens in real-time. Every authorised miner in the network will verify this and add the block to the general blockchain. This update is then distributed and becomes a permanent part of the system.

How To Navigate Casino Bitcoin

A Bitcoin casino is a gambling site where players can play games and authorise payments or withdrawals using BTC as a payment method. It usually has the same features and rules as a normal online site; however, instead of making payments using fiat currencies, crypto players in an online Bitcoin casino can fund their gameplay using BTC, they can win games with it, and also cash out using this same digital currency.

You might be wondering why the drastic shift in the gambling industry to the point where all players are beginning to subscribe to top Bitcoin casino sites, preferring to use this instead of the usual fiat. There are so many benefits to casino BTC, amongst which are: low transaction fees, top-notch security and safety, instant payouts, anonymity, transparency, no verification, etc.

There are two major types of casino Bitcoin sites: exclusive and hybrid. In an exclusive bitcoin casino, only bitcoins are allowed. In a hybrid site, cryptocurrencies and other traditional currencies are allowed. Using BTCs in Bitcoin casino sites is simple. These are the general steps below:

  1. Before registering in casinos with BTC payments, you must first have an online digital wallet.
  2. Connect this wallet to your account for subsequent ease of transactions.
  3. Head to the cashier section of the Bitcoin casino online and follow the instructions

How to Make Payments With BTC in Bitcoin Casinos

For beginners, using casino online bitcoin might sound like an arduous task, but the truth is that it’s not. It works the same as a traditional online site, with slight differences. To make things easier for you, we will be highlighting all the necessary steps below:

  1. You need to open a BTC wallet. Just like a physical wallet where you keep your traditional notes and coins, you need a wallet for your cryptocurrencies. There are several prestigious platforms where you can get a nice and reliable wallet to host your virtual coins.
  2. Make sure you use as many layers of protection to secure your wallet because this is where you will store your coins when you purchase them. After creating an online wallet, connect it to your bank account.
  3. You can use debit or credit cards to purchase these digital coins. Just observe the market for the best prices because these prices change and fluctuate very often.
  4. Once you have funded your wallet, it is time to choose the best bitcoin casinos for your deposit.
  5. Once you have selected the bitcoin casino Schweiz, head to the cashier or banking section and choose deposit.
  6. Select “Bitcoin” as your deposit method, and a unique web address will be displayed.
  7. Copy this address into your wallet and send the required fund for your gameplay.
  8. Now that your account is funded, you can play as many bitcoin casino games as you like without interruption.

How to Purchase Bitcoins for Online Gambling

Of course, before using a bitcoin online casino, you must first have enough bitcoins in your wallet. To fund your wallet, you must know reliable websites where this purchase can be made. For Swiss players looking for new Bitcoin casinos, this is one of the factors they look out for.

For new bitcoin casino online players, before purchasing these coins, you must be aware of your private key and how to secure it very efficiently. As safe as the blockchain network is, other authorised players or holders who gain access to your private key would be able to access your address, as it is in the public domain and is visible to everyone else.

When you purchase your bitcoins, it is also important to distribute your coin over multiple addresses and keep your bulk coins in an address that isn’t majorly connected to the one you use for your transactions. The most popular places to buy BTC are cryptocurrency exchanges, brokerages, or payment services like PayPal, Visa, or WebMoney. Some of these platforms are:

  • Coinbase
  • Paxful
  • Binance
  • com
  • CoinSmart
  • Coinmama
  • BlockFi
  • Gemini, etc.

A good place will allow you to use local or online payment methods for purchases, depending on your preference. It must also have great customer support, be available 24/7, and be affordable. You can compare several BTC purchase platforms before choosing the best one for your budget.

How to Fund Your Casino Account Through your BTC Wallet

Now that you have purchased your bitcoins and funded your wallet, it is time to show you how to make your first deposit in Bitcoin online casinos. Below is a guide on how to breeze through this deposit and have you playing in no time:

  1. Choose the best bitcoin casino sites. There are hundreds of BTC casinos online, so it’s up to you to choose the best one for your gameplay based on your criteria. Once this is done, move to the next step.
  2. Visit the website and head to the cashier section. There, you will find all the available payment methods.
  3. Once you select Bitcoin, the site will present you with a unique web address. This is their special online wallet.
  4. You will copy their address and paste it into your online wallet to make a deposit.
  5. Enter the required amount and confirm your transaction.
  6. The funds will be available in your account within a few minutes.

The minimum deposit amount for gameplay differs, so there is no standard amount to expect. However, some minimum deposit new Bitcoin casinos accept as low as 0.001BTC as a first deposit.

What Can Players Benefit From Online Bitcoin Casino

All gambling sites must provide their players with bonuses, regardless of whether it is a bitcoin casino. However, the truth is all the top bitcoin online casinos offer amazing bonuses and promotions that will blow your mind and set off your gameplay in grand style. Let’s discuss some of the major bitcoin casino promotions:

  • First Deposit Bonus: The best BTC casino compensates their customers for the first deposit they make on the site. This can also be called the welcome bonus. It can be given regarding match deposits, free spins, cashbacks, etc. To qualify for this bonus, you must sign up as a site member, follow the deposit instructions above, and fund your account.
  • Free Spins: This Bitcoin casino bonus can be given as part of the welcome package or other promotions for existing players. You don’t need bitcoin casino bonus codes to claim this, as it will be given according to the casino’s discretion. Free spins allow you to play slots for free, depending on the number provided.
  • Match Bonuses: This is one bitcoin casino promotion that every player should maximise. This bonus can double your gameplay as long as you know how to work it. Match deposits are given certain gameplay percentages to boost your bets. For example, a casino Bitcoin online offers you a 100% match bonus on your first deposit. This means a deposit of $100 will earn you another $100.

What are the Safety and Security Measures in Bitcoin Casinos?

Gambling with bitcoin is legal in many countries across the world, including Switzerland. There are no laws against Swiss gambling, as long as you do it responsibly and within the confines of your jurisdiction.

When it comes to security, Bitcoin casinos take the cake. The high level of security it provides is one of the reasons why a lot of players are flocking to it. In this age and time, reducing the volume of digital footprints you leave online has become paramount, especially in online gambling sites.

There are scams everywhere, and they target casinos heavily due to the huge amount of money transacted daily. This is why the less sensitive data you post, the better for you. When registering in a casino using bitcoin, none of your personal or banking data is required. This ensures very little risk of your identity being disclosed or exposed.

In traditional online casinos, details of your credit card transactions can be traced to your account, but it’s different with online casinos bitcoin payments. It is completely anonymous, which improves user safety and security, as transactions cannot be traced to personal identity. All these safety and bitcoin casino legal measures make it more unique than traditional gambling sites.

What is the Withdrawal Process for Bitcoin Casinos?

In the best bitcoin casino platforms, you can make deposits and withdrawals using the same cryptocurrency. We have put the Bitcoin casino guide for making deposits above, and below you will find the steps to withdraw. They are a little similar, just slight differences:

  1. Visit your official website;
  2. Head to the banking or cashier section, and choose to withdraw;
  3. Choose BTC as your withdrawal method and enter the amount you are looking to transfer out of your account;
  4. Go to your wallet and copy your address; then paste it in the casino;
  5. Check your details carefully before authorising the withdrawal;
  6. The transaction will be completed within minutes.

The minimum withdrawal amount differs; however, the standard is 0.001 BTC. Make sure to confirm from your site before withdrawing.

How is the Online Gaming Library in Bitcoin Casinos?

If you’re more particular about games, we’re here to tell you that you will find the best games in a casino using bitcoin than anywhere else. The best BTC casino sites offer a comprehensive gaming library to keep their customers occupied and interested for a very long time. Below, you will find some of the major categories to expect when you visit any of the top bitcoin casino sites:


Slots are the most popular games in a top bitcoin casino. From time immemorial, they have been one of the most sought-after games, and now that technology has ushered in new designs and types, players are even more interested in these slot games.

Here are some interesting titles from top software providers that you can play when you join a BTC casino:

  • Rainbow Riches
  • Starmania
  • Asgard
  • 5 Wishes
  • 777 Deluxe

Table Games

As much as people love slots, table games are another major favourite. While slots offer fast payouts and quick rewards, table games are a little less luck oriented. Here, you need more than a dose of luck or randomness. To win, you need skill, and there are certain laws to follow. Some exciting games to check out include:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • 3-card poker
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Live Casino Bitcoin Games

Live games take normal gameplay to a whole new premium level. Here, instead of playing against the house, you can play in real-time against other real competitors and a human dealer. Usually, the game is streamed live from a physical casino, and you join the live stream with your smartphone. Some great options to try out are:

  • Live poker
  • Live roulette
  • Mega Sic Bo
  • Live High-Limit blackjack
  • VIP roulette

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin is an excellent alternative payment option for casino players. There are so many benefits for players and casinos that the industry has become more inclusive of this method over the years. We will discuss some important advantages of Bitcoin casinos and some of the drawbacks we have noticed in this bitcoin casino review.

There are no advantages without disadvantages, but you must decide whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.


  • Heightened safety and security
  • Privacy and anonymity
  • Processing times for payments and withdrawals are much faster. This makes it one of the fastest payment methods.
  • Generous bitcoin casino with no deposit bonus and other promotions
  • The game library is very wide


  • Due to the nature of blockchain technology, transactions are permanent. It is important that you thoroughly check the destination address before making payments in online casinos because funds can not be recovered once authorised.
  • Bitcoin is volatile, and transactions fluctuate. When you buy a coin, there is a probability that the value will decrease or increase the next time you want to make a transaction.

Bitcoin Casino Timing, Limits, and Transaction Fees

When it comes to the speed of transactions, bitcoin casinos offer the fastest methods. On the blockchain network, miners take approximately 10 minutes for transaction confirmation. However, this might vary depending on other factors like network activity and harsh rates. If there is high traffic in the blockchain network, it might lead to slower confirmations and, thereby, slower transactions.

When it comes to transaction limits for BTC payments, it varies from casinos to casinos. Different gambling sites have average limits according to their preference. However, the lowest limit for deposits and withdrawals is 0.001 BTC. Casinos can set their limits equal to or higher than this.

Another amazing feature of these casinos is that there are almost no fees attached to deposits or withdrawals. The bitcoin service doesn’t charge players; however, the casino will charge you if you use an exchange. You should also check your online wallet for any hidden charges.

Does Bitcoin Casino Offer Mobile Gameplay?

The good thing is whether you use a desktop or mobile player, you will have access to the best BTC casino sites. Nowadays, all modern casinos have provided a great and optimised mobile casino site for their players. This is because, now more than ever, people need accessibility and mobility. They want to access their favourite casino games from anywhere, which is only possible in a mobile casino.

Making bitcoin payments is pretty much the same on mobile phones and desktops, so there is nothing to worry about. Also, bitcoin mobile casinos are compatible with all smart mobile devices, as long as you have an internet connection.

What Other Coins Can Be Used Asides from Bitcoin

While bitcoin is the major cryptocurrency with all the rave right now, other coins are equally as brilliant. Many online casino sites that accept Bitcoin also accept these currencies because they are similar and offer the same unique advantages. These currencies are Litecoin and Ethereum. Let’s check out the similarities and differences below:


Litecoin was launched in 2011 by Charlie Lee, and because they used bitcoin as a template for creation, litecoin has so many similar features to this popular coin. It employs Script for its hashing function and has a smaller market capacity.

Similarities to Bitcoin:

  • They pay crypto rewards to miners
  • Their transactions are both reversible
  • They both offer high-level security, safety, and privacy

Difference between both coins:

  • Bitcoin’s block time is 10 minutes, while Litecoin is 2.5 minutes
  • Litecoin has a lower market capitalisation
  • Litecoin’s maximum coin supply is higher than Bitcoin’s.


If there is one coin that is as popular as bitcoin, then it is Ethereum. It houses its coin called ether. It provides greater user control than bitcoin and is a viable alternative to fiat money.

Similarities to Bitcoin:

  • They are decentralised
  • They use seed phrases and cryptography for safe transactions
  • They operate using the blockchain network
  • They offer privacy and anonymity in online sites

Differences between both coins:

  • Ethereum use smart contracts and tokens
  • It has a lower market cap than bitcoin
  • More complex issuance process

Now that you have come to the end of this casino bitcoin payment review, you must be convinced of all the many benefits of using this payment method in online sites. Our experience using this site is another reason we recommend this for Swiss players.

From swift and non-personal registration to quick deposits and generous casino bonuses, we thoroughly enjoyed these Bitcoin casinos over the traditional sites we have always used. Join one of these sites today for Swiss players looking for premium service with no fees.

FAQ Online Casino Bitcoin
What is Bitcoin Casino?

These sites allow players to make deposits and withdrawals using bitcoin as a payment method. You can use this crypto to fund your account and facilitate exchanges while playing.

Is It Safe to Use Bitcoins in Casinos?

Yes, it is. In bitcoin casinos, you don’t need to update your personal or banking information, which makes it impossible for a third party to gain access.

How Fast Are These Transactions?

They are often instantaneous. Deposits and withdrawals happen instantly, except there is traffic in the blockchain network, which might cause a few minutes of delay.

Are There Alternatives to Bitcoin?

Yes, there are several alternatives. Platforms that accept bitcoins also accept coins like LTC, ETH, and DOGE.

Are There Hidden Fees?

The Bitcoin network itself doesn’t charge players. However, casinos might charge for certain services and exchanges.