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Origin of the Game Poker

Poker’s origins can be traced back all the way to the 10th century. a version of it used to be played by a Chinese emperor. However, in the modern age, poker can be traced to France. The game was referred to as “poque” at the time. The colonists of France brought this game with them when they migrated to America. Eventually, the British occupants of America started calling it poker.

That is how, the game of poker came into existence. From there, the game made its way back to Europe in the 1870s. By the end of the First World War, poker had become a mainstream phenomenon in the West. Since then, thanks to globalization and free trade, poker has also gained popularity in the East as Western movies started gaining audience there.

How to Play Poker Online?

The game of poker is quite simple. We will tell you how to play poker online. The gameplay can be bifurcated into 2 phases:

●     The Dealer Hands the Cards!

The dealer deals you cards. They start dealing from the left and end with themselves. Each player on the table gets dealt 2 cards. So, in the next round, when your turn comes, you can go with one of 2 options, i.e., either bet or do not. When you do not bet, it is a “check”. The moment a player chooses to place a bet, the other players get to go with one of 3 options, i.e., call, fold or raise.

Calling is when you match the amount that has just been placed on the table as a bet. Folding is when you surrender your cards and let go of all your chips. Raising is when you put in more chips to place an even bigger bet than the one that has just been made. This goes on until all the chips are put out.

●     The Flop, the Turn and the River!

This part of the game has 3 main components:

  • When the dealer finishes dealing the first round of cards, they place 3 cards on the table with the faces up. Any player can use these cards if they want. The players get to choose whether they will bet, check, fold or raise. When the dealer places the 3 cards, it is referred to as the flop.
  • Once that round comes to an end, the dealer places an additional card on the table. Again, the players get to choose the option they will exercise. When the fourth card gets placed, it is called the turn.
  • After the turn, the dealer puts in place a fifth card. This is called the river. The players again get to make their choice regarding whether to bet, check, raise or fold.

After the river, if more than a player is left with multiple cards on their hand, then they reveal their cards. The player having cards with the highest combined rank gets to win.

How to Choose the Best Website for Playing Poker Online?

There are certain attributes of the website that you must be relatively more attentive to:

●     Does the Website Have a License for Places like Switzerland?

When you play poker online in Switzerland, license is a must. When anyone tries to play at an online casino, real money is involved. A legitimate online casino is usually licensed under a relevant administrative body that is internationally recognized. One such body is the British Gambling Commission. The number of the license is usually found to be mentioned at the bottom of the screen when you access the website. This proves the authenticity of the casino. If you ever face any discrepancy whatsoever, then you can promptly approach the authorities and seek legal help.

●     Can the Player Contact the Support to Play Poker Online?

You can play poker online for free. When you are picking a website to play online poker at, you must make sure that the site has a team of qualified and trained professionals for your support. When you face any technical glitch while playing poker, an online game, you should be able to immediately access this team preferably through the channel of live chat. So, if the interface of the site has the option of live chat integrated in it, that is surely a positive sign.

●     Are the Bonuses Good?

While playing poker online, ranking of the site should be checked. Every gambling website you choose to play at will provide you with a series of lucrative bonus offers. There are various forms of bonuses, viz., reload bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, sign-up bonuses, cashbacks and free spins among others. A good online casino will give you an attractive sign-up bonus along with some free spins as a welcome bonus package. Free spins can also be expected when the gambling site adds new games in its set of gaming options. That is when they try to incentivize players to try out the new games as free samples.