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Brief History of Poker

The roots of poker can be traced back to the regions along the Mississippi River, USA, in the 18th century. It is argued that the game drew inspiration from older games like Persian’s As-Nas and Chinese Domino. Some tie it to early European card games, like the French Brelan and the English Brag. Elements of Germany’s Pochen, roughly translated as ‘brag as a bluff’, are also recognised in poker.

At first, poker was played with a 52-card deck. A separate version with a 20-card deck was introduced for two players. The flush rule also appeared when poker gained popularity.

How to Play Online Poker

Our experience shows that knowing the basics is crucial in developing successful strategies and reading the strength of opponents’ hands. First, note that there are two main variants of poker: one with community cards and the other — with none. In the variant without community cards, players ask the dealer to swap unwanted cards with new ones. Below, you’ll learn about the basic poker rounds in versions with community cards.

The Initial Hand

Before the dealer hands two cards to each player, two players automatically place a big and small blind. Then, the dealer hands each player their hand. At this point, players can either pay the blind amount, raise or fold. The next stage starts when all players have paid the highest wager. Those who have folded are out of the game until the next round.

The Flop, Turn, and River

The game of online poker in Switzerland passes through three more stages after the Pre-Flop: Flop, Turn, and River. Read about them below.

  • Flop — This is the first three community cards placed on the table by the dealer. Players form combinations between their two cards and the three mutual ones.
  • Turn — One more card is added to the common stack. After another wagering battle, the game moves onto the River draw.
  • River — This is the last community card the dealer places on the table. Players pass through another round of betting before all their hands are revealed and squared off against each other. The player with the highest hand wins the pot.

Freeroll in Poker — What Is It?

To play a free online poker game, you have to join a table or tournament. The main difference between this variant and the real-money one is that there is no need to pay an entry fee. You simply sit at the table and start playing poker free online with chips. It can be very useful to gain experience if you are a new player who is still learning.

Counting Cards in Poker: A Proven Strategy that Works

There are strategies you can use with poker online in Switzerland to increase your chances of winning. As per our experience, one of the most valuable ones is keeping track of what has come out of the deck, known as counting cards. Although this strategy is not allowed at brick-and-mortar venues and is not 100% foolproof, you can use it with online poker.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you aim for a flush with an Ace and 10 of hearts and 5, Q hears, 8 hearts on the flop. In this case, you have nine outs (2,3,4,5,6,7,9, J, and K). You use the rule of 2s and 4s. Before the Turn (the fourth common card), 9×4 = 36%, you get a card with the hearts symbol. Before the River (the fifth), 9×2 = 18%.

What Variants of Poker Are There?

Poker is a diverse game with many popular variants, such as Texas Hold’em, Five- and Seven-Card Stud, Omaha, and more. Each comes with its own peculiarities and different success requirements. You can see the average probabilities among all poker variants in the table below.

Hand Probability
High Card 50.1%
Pair 42.25%
Two Pairs 4.7%
Three-of-a-Kind 2.1%
Straight 0.39%
Flush 0.19%
Full House 0.14%
Four of a Kind 0.024%
Royal Flush 0.000154%

Texas Hold’em

Based on our observations, Texas Hold’em’s setup involves a lot of psychology and skill. Winning is entirely based on your skill in playing with your hands. The only exception is Ultimate Texas Hold’em, where the player squares up against a dealer.

Most variants accommodate two to ten players and use a single 52-card deck. Each player is dealt two cards are dealt to each player, and after a round of betting, the dealer places five common ones on the table. The game passes through four rounds of betting: initial round, flop, turn, and river.


Omaha takes it up a notch from the Texas variant by introducing initial four-card hands on top of the five common cards to be drawn. This significantly increases the combinations, which rank the same as the Texas game. Omaha has several popular versions, including Hi-Lo and Eight or Better.

Seven-Card Stud

Stud is the classic version of poker, with no community cards. The seven-card version usually involves from two to eight players. The game starts with participants receiving three cards, two face down (Hole) and one facing down (called The Door or Third Street). Then, each player receives four more cards with their face up. If there are six players or more, sometimes a change of rules is required in the end, as only one 52-card deck is used.

Five-Card Draw

This version is the classic that was played from the earlier days of poker. In the beginning, each player receives five cards that only he can see. After a betting round, they ask how many cards they want to draw, and the dealer supplies them. Another betting round ensues before the player with the highest hand or the last one standing wins the pot.

Glossary of the Main Poker Terms

To play poker online effectively, you need to be well-versed in the game’s terminology. Below, I’ve addressed the key phrases.

  • Blind — An initial forced bet two of the participating players have to make.
  • Ante — Same as blind.
  • Hole Card — A card drawn to you with its face down (only visible to you).
  • All-in — A bet involving all your chips.
  • Straddle — A poker tactic that involves upping the initial blind out of position.
  • Call — Paying another player’s wager.
  • Buy-in — Buying chips to play in the game.
  • Muck — Same as Fold. Resigning the round.
  • Suited — When two or more cards are of the same suit (hearts, clubs, diamonds, or spades)
  • Quads — Four cards of the same kind.

How to Select the Best Online Casino with Poker?

The next step after getting to know the poker game is to choose a safe online casino with the best conditions. To identify the most suitable site, you need to confirm several things:

  • Valid licence
  • SSL certificate
  • Fairness-tested games
  • Good customer support
  • Great bonuses

The first three elements are mandatory because they ensure your online safety. The fourth one, the bonuses, adds to the joy of playing poker. Without further ado, see brief explanations about each component below.

Do Poker Sites Need to Have a Licence in Switzerland?

Every safe and secure casino should have a recognisable gambling licence. For Switzerland, the official nod can come from the Swiss Gambling Supervisory Authority or any other internationally recognised regulator, such as Curaçao, MGA, Kahnawake, or UKGC.

After 2019, the legal landscape in the country changed to allow land-based venues to receive a licence, which allows them to operate in the online space. There are 21 Swiss gambling land venues that also have an online casino in Switzerland. In addition, there are about a dozen other top-quality offshore sites to explore.

Do Swiss Online Casinos Offer Good Customer Support to Poker Players?

Even if you are at the best casinos, you will occasionally have to contact customer support to resolve any arising issue. Thankfully, this is possible at online poker sites from our list. The process is simple. You usually, while logged in, have to click on the live chat button, and you will get in touch with someone within a minute or two.

Alternatively, you can write to the casino via email. I’ve tested every casino in our list and can confirm their response times are quick. SG, for instance, replies in two to three hours at most over email and a minute via the live chat communication channel.

Does Poker Come with Good Bonuses?

Poker is a popular game, and, as such, is trailed by good sign-up bonuses at Swiss online casinos. They range from 500 to 1,500 EUR. Beyond registration, players can also access various other promotions, including reloads, no-deposit credits, and cashback.

Play Poker Online for Free

You don’t necessarily need to spend money to play online poker in Switzerland. Free game versions are available to test your skills at most Swiss casinos in our lists. Playing online free poker allows you to devise various strategies and get a feel of the action. You still need to be registered to play. However, you can delay your first deposit. As soon as you join a free poker online game, you will be given credits, which you can use to play.

Poker Tips from Our Expert

To be good at poker requires a serious commitment to study the game. I recommend the following good practices:

  • Play conservatively at tables with loose cannons (aggressive players) and bide your time until you have a strong hand.
  • Wager 50% of the pot to test other players and scare off those without strong hands.
  • Try semi-bluffs often. This is when you have a big chance to receive the card you are waiting for. Good for expecting flushes and straights.
  • Fold often when you are unsure. There is no shame in throwing your cards away, even if you are sure you are getting bluffed when you don’t have a strong hand.
Where can I download a Poker app from?

Poker can be played directly from the browser of your desktop computer or mobile device. Some casinos in Switzerland offer separate software, which can be downloaded from their websites.

Is online Poker playable on mobile and tablet devices?

Yes, all casinos in our lists have mobile-optimised websites built with the latest HTML5 technology. To play poker on mobile, you will still need to register and stay logged in.

Can I use strategy to improve my winning chances with Poker?

Online poker is considered a skill game despite a considerable aspect of it being based on chance. This means you can significantly improve your chances of winning by using strategy and reading your opponent’s hand strength from their wagering pattern.