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How To Distinguish Licensed Slots From Fake

Sadly, some casinos may use fake slots that don’t pay out winners and are bad for business. They do this because licensing the real slot game like best swiss online casino may be expensive to them and they can’t afford it. Regardless of that, you need to learn how to tell a difference and distinguish licensed slots from fake options.

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Different Paylines or Rules

The first thing you need to check is the rules and paylines. Fake slots typically have fewer paylines than they should and rules that are not clear or show too high or too small winnings. Also, pay close attention to typos and grammatical errors. These are common in fake slots while they are never present in licensed slots like in casino.

Common Glitches and Poor Graphics

Developing a high-end and modern slot is more complicated than it may sound. Scammers are still unable to develop a game properly and they cannot obtain the code meaning they must create everything from scratch. As such, glitches are common. Graphics will be poor compared to licensed slots as well.

It is common for a fake game to crash randomly or even while you are winning. Graphics may look great in most situations but you can notice a significant decrease when browsing the rules, paylines and etc. These can be images that are implemented into the fake slot and taken from a real one. Anyway, a real slot must not crash and it must work properly as long as you are playing it.

RTP Is Hidden

RTP stands for return to player and it basically means the percentage a player should get back after playing that slot. The higher RTP is more preferable, meaning you will get more money back. All slots have a public RTP and many of them will advertise it or be proud for a high percentage.

Fake slots will usually hide the RTP simply because it is a completely irrelevant thing. You are unable to win real money playing this game so there is no need to display the RTP. Don’t forget that these games don’t actually have RTP which makes things a bit easier to understand.

Empty Loading Screen

When a licensed slot is loading, you can see the logo and name of the software developer. It can be NetEnt, Microgaming, or any other. Both, the name and the logo will be featured in HD. Fake slots don’t show this or you can see a low-quality logo. Most of them will show you a blank screen that looks poorly designed.

Separate Reel Drop

All licensed slots have all the reels that rotate smoothly and at the same time. Fake slots don’t have this feature because it is very complicated to develop. Instead, you will see one reel rotating faster than others. Some may even randomly stop and show half of the symbols.

The Final Word

As always, you need a reputable place where to play games and you need to play slots developed by professional software developers. Licensed slots are the ones you can play and win. Fake ones are just there to take your money! Be smarter.