Dragon Ball Destiny Slot

Dragon Ball Destiny is a vibrant game created by Funta Gaming, bringing all the excitement of the Dragon Ball universe to the world of slots. With a classic 5×3 layout, this slot offers 50 pay lines and a return to player (RTP) rate of 96.14%. The medium volatility journey allows players the chance to multiply their initial bet by up to 5000 times. Embrace the thrill with free games and bonuses, collect dragon balls to unlock opulent bonuses. Each spin is a step towards destiny in this visually stunning quest for unimaginable riches. It’s an epic adventure where dragons fly and fortunes await.

Feature Detail
Type Video Slots
Provider Funta Gaming
RTP 96.14%
Variance Média
Hit Frequency 23%
Maximum Gain x5000.00
Layout 5×3
Paylines 50

Description and Rules

In Dragon Ball Destiny, slot enthusiasts encounter a vibrant diversity of symbols. These special symbols are crucial for unlocking the game’s most substantial rewards. With 50 active pay lines, Dragon Ball Destiny guides players through an electrifying adventure in search of the ideal combination that can trigger the bonus games.

Winning combinations are calculated from left to right, following the classic scheme, and the presence of six or more special symbols—whether identical or different—can trigger the bonus game feature. Here, strategy merges with luck: identifying these combinations is not just a matter of chance but also of tactics and precision. For players, it’s essential to understand the value of each symbol and how they align on the pay lines.

Slot Symbols

Dragon Ball Destiny Slot captivates players with its stylistic and rich representation of slot symbols, which are more than mere icons—they are a tribute to the series that has won hearts around the world.

The playing card symbols, which usually represent the lower values in slots, are artistically integrated with the oriental theme, adorned with dragons and ornaments that evoke the mysticism of Dragon Ball. The values range from J, being the least valuable, to A, which offers higher rewards. Moving up the value scale, we find vibrant symbols that capture the essence of the saga—each representing different colored dragons. These dragons, in shades of gold, blue, red, and green, are not only visually stunning but are also the harbingers of more significant winnings. Their appearance on the reels is a sign of good fortune, promising wealth for those lucky enough to align them.

Symbol 3 Symbol 4 Symbol 5 Symbol
J 0.1 0.6 4.8
Q 0.1 0.6 4.8
K 0.1 0.9 7.2
A 0.1 0.9 7.2
Dragão Verde 0.2 1.2 10
Dragão Azul 0.3 1.8 15
Dragão Vermelho 0.4 2.4 20
Dragão Dourado 0.5 3 25

RTP and Volatility of Dragon Ball Destiny Slot

With an RTP of 96.14%, Dragon Ball Destiny stands well within the spectrum of player-friendly slot games, suggesting the possibility of reasonably good returns on bets over the long run. When we talk about variance, or volatility, we refer to the frequency and size of payouts. A medium variance, as found in Dragon Ball Destiny Slot, indicates that the game is designed to offer the best of both worlds.

The medium variance makes this slot suitable for a diverse range of playing styles. Players who appreciate a moderate experience, without extreme swings in their balance but still with the possibility of significant wins, will find Dragon Ball Destiny an excellent option.

Possible Bonuses

The bonuses in Dragon Ball Destiny Slot elevate the gaming experience to new heights, bringing exciting mechanics and potentially lucrative rewards.

  • Free Game Bonus: By collecting three or more special symbols, players trigger the free game. This is not just any bonus game; it offers ten free spins, significantly increasing the chances of winning without betting more credits.
  • Bonus Game: An even more thrilling aspect is the bonus game, triggered by collecting six or more special symbols. This game is designed to take rewards to the next level, where players can obtain multipliers and additional prizes. Players enter a new game screen where they have the opportunity to accumulate winnings and increase their multipliers for even more generous rewards.
  • Collect & Multiply: Additionally, the slot offers a feature where collecting a certain number of special symbols can result in corresponding prizes. This encourages players to keep their eyes on the prizes, collecting symbols throughout the game to unlock bigger bonuses.


Diving into the world of Dragon Ball Destiny Slot, what immediately stands out is how it manages to capture the essence of the anime that so many fans love. The meticulous attention to detail in the graphics and the choice of symbols that evoke the adventures of Goku and his friends create an instant connection for admirers of the series. The inclusion of bonuses and special features that reflect iconic abilities and moments from the anime adds a layer of depth and fidelity to the theme that is genuinely appreciated.

However, despite the many positive aspects, there are elements that may not appeal to everyone. Players seeking a more traditional slot experience or who prefer higher volatility, with larger but less frequent prizes, might find Dragon Ball Destiny Slot less challenging or rewarding.

In summary, Dragon Ball Destiny Slot stands out for its ability to offer an engaging and rewarding gaming experience. The fusion of classic slot elements and thematic innovations creates a unique space that will attract both new players and long-time Dragon Ball fans, making it a title worth exploring in online casinos.