Knock the Mouse Slot

Knock the Mouse Slot is a lively, farm-themed game from FunTa Gaming, where the aim is to hit mischievous gophers popping up on the screen. The game features vibrant, cartoonish graphics, making the experience appealing and fun. It’s packed with exciting bonuses like free spins and multipliers that can significantly boost your winnings. These make Knock the Mouse an ideal choice for players looking for a game that’s easy to understand, but also offers profound strategic possibilities and the chance for big payouts.

Attribute Details
Type Video Slot
Provider FunTa Gaming
RTP 96.1%
Volatility High
Free Spins Yes
Release Date 2024-05-17

A Visual and Gameplay Experience

Knock the Mouse Slot stands out with its bright and engaging visuals. Set on a farm, the game features an array of colourful gophers that players must hit to win. The interface is clean and simple, with dark backgrounds that help the vivid characters stand out. Everything from the game rules to the paytable is easy to access, ensuring a smooth gaming experience. The rule of the game is straightforward: “Hit the gopher to win.” Each successful hit switches the action to the next gopher, keeping the pace fast and engaging. The paytable clearly shows how wins are calculated, using the formula Bet x Symbol Odds x Bonus.

Symbols in Knock the Mouse Slot

Slot symbols in Knock the Mouse are more than just pictures; they are very important to how you play and how the game ends. That’s why players love them so much. The bright colors, animations, and possible payouts of each character sign make them stand out. In order to protect the farm and earn prizes, players must kill different types of gophers that are represented by these symbols.

The Purple Gopher with Glasses symbol holds the highest potential for big wins, serving as the game’s jackpot trigger with a multiplier that can skyrocket up to 100 times the bet placed. The rest of the symbols offer a range of multiplier effects, with the Yellow and Pink Gophers providing moderate to high multipliers, adding an element of excitement with each spin. While offering lower multipliers, the Blue and Green Gophers appear more frequently, thus providing consistent, smaller wins that can help maintain the player’s balance.

Below is a detailed table of the symbols, along with their multiplier effects:

Symbol 1 Symbol 2 Symbols 3 Symbols
Purple Gopher with Glasses 100x
Yellow Gopher 5x 15x 30x
Blue Gopher 1x 2x 3x
Pink Gopher 3x 8x 15x
Brown Gopher 1x 2x
Green Gopher 1x 3x
Red Gopher 1x 3x 8x

RTP and Volatility

Knock the Mouse Slot offers a Return to Player (RTP) of 96.1%. This percentage is quite competitive, suggesting that players can expect a decent return from their bets over an extended playing period. High volatility marks this game. High volatility means payouts are less frequent, but are typically much more significant when they do come. This setup suits players who are in for the thrill of big wins and can handle swings in their bankroll. Given its high volatility, Knock the Mouse Slot will appeal to those who prefer the excitement of large payouts over smaller, more frequent wins.

Potential Bonuses in Knock the Mouse

Knock the Mouse Slot offers various engaging bonus features that can significantly enhance gameplay and increase winning opportunities. Here’s a breakdown of the possible bonuses players can trigger while playing:

Free Spins: Players have the chance to trigger free spins through specific symbols:

  • Egg Symbols: Landing these may trigger free spins, potentially granting additional spins if certain conditions are met.
  • Lightning Bolt: This symbol triggers one free spin and attacks all gophers, increasing the chances of a win

Multiplier Bonuses: During the free spins, various multipliers can appear, increasing the payout of any winning combinations. These multipliers can vary significantly:

  • Multipliers such as 2x, 5x, and 10x can appear during the free spins, boosting the payout of these rounds.
  • For more significant wins, hitting specific targets can lead to higher multipliers, such as 12x or even 20x, calculated only in the final round.

Free Game Feature: Triggering the free game feature results in six free spins. This feature is compelling as it provides free spins and activates attacks on all gophers during these spins, potentially leading to very lucrative payouts.

Progressive Multipliers: The game includes a progressive multiplier mechanic where the number of gophers hit increases the multiplier for subsequent spins. For example, hitting a series of gophers could escalate the multiplier from 1x to as high as 20x, calculated in the final round of the bonus.


Knock the Mouse Slot impresses with its vibrant farmyard games and engaging bonuses, including free spins and multipliers, which make the gameplay exciting and rewarding. However, the game’s high volatility might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It means that wins can be sporadic, which could be off-putting for players who prefer a more consistent chance of winning, even if the payouts are smaller. The complexity of the bonus features might also be a bit much for newcomers or casual players who prefer a more straightforward slot experience.

Overall, Knock the Mouse Slot offers a great mix of challenge and reward, making it ideal for those who enjoy strategic depth and the thrill of chasing big wins. But it may be daunting for those who prefer steady play or are new to slots. If you’re up for an exciting game with the chance for high rewards, this slot could be a great choice. For more conservative players, it might take some getting used to.