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Poker Terminology and Slang Phrases

As a poker player, whether playing online or at a land venue, it is important to become familiar with the common terminology that is used. Those that are new will often hear others referring to phrases during the round of play. To ensure that everyone has an even playing field, it is essential to learn the terms that are used during games. Not only will you find experienced players using different terms, but some players also use slang phrases that can have various meanings.

Anyone who has played poker in the past will know that this casino online game has a language of its own. By learning different phrases, you will know what other players are talking about. One popular mistake made by new players at poker games is not taking time to learn terminology and pick up some slang before playing real money games. This can actually put these players at a disadvantage.

Poker Terms Every Player Should Know

Over the years, poker has gained many words and phrases that regular players will use. This can often be incomprehensible by those new to this game, which is why you should take time to go over essential terms before engaging in any game with other players. Some standard terms will be familiar to those that have not even played the game, such as all-in, ante, and raise.

The thing that can make it difficult is that every version of poker will have different terminology. For example, when playing Texas Hold’Em, you will hear the terms flop, river, and turn. These all pertain to the different rounds of the game. Other terms can be used when playing any poker version, like donkey, which refers to a bad player, or drawing dead, which means that no matter what card is drawn, the hand will be a loser.

Learning the Slang Lingo

To be a great player, you must speak the game as well as you play it. This means taking time to learn the standard terminology used in most games and slang terms used in specific variations. Slang poker terms are always emerging, and one way you can keep up with this unique language is to play the game and expose yourself to experienced players.

Poker slang can be derived from just about anything, from sayings that professional poker players have used in reference to movies, like Dolly Parton, which is a hand that consists of a 9 and 5 of any suit, referencing her role in 9 to 5.

Avoid being called a Fish (slang for inexperienced poker player), and make sure you brush up on the latest language. The best way to do this is play as much poker as possible and make use of free games that are featured at hundreds of online gambling sites.