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What Do the Symbols Mean in Online Slots?

Though each slot is unique, if you played some of those, you might have noticed that there are certain symbols that repeat over and over in different machines. Why is that so? Well, as much as in any popular type of entertainment, there’s a certain tradition here, and most people like to see that tradition going on through the years. That is why you might see familiar symbols from one slot machine to another. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the most popular slot symbols and their meaning.

Poker Theme

The first slot machines that appeared back in the early 1980s were heavily influenced by the most popular online casino game at the time – poker. Poker machines, as they called them back in the day, had five reels with four card suits – clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades. Hitting the combination of the same suits meant winning a determined amount of money. These symbols remain popular in slot machines to this day.

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The Liberty Bell, the Lucky Seven, and the Horseshoe

In 1895, the slot machines were revolutionized by Charles Fey, who automated them and reduced the number of reels to three. Before that, the machine could not give you money on its own; there had to be an operator – a person who accepted the money from the player and game money back in case they won. Fey also changed the symbols. He used three card suits, namely spades, diamonds, and hearts, and also added three additional symbols – the Liberty Bell, Lucky Seven, and the Horseshoe. Lucky Seven is arguably one of the most popular symbols in slots, and it still remains the sign of good luck for the gamblers.

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Fruit Theme

Back in the early 1900s, the government became concerned with gambling activities and the fact that many people lost their money in poker machines. That is when they banned gambling machines altogether, and the manufacturers had to come up with new ideas. They refashioned slot machines as vending machines with the bubble-gum, and the players had to drop a coin, spin the reels, and if they got the combination of fruits right, they would get a respectively flavored bubble-gum. So, there were several popular flavors – cherry, orange, and lemon; these flavors’ symbols became associated with slots for the time being, and they still remain quite popular.

Wrap Up

So, now you know more about the classic slot symbols and their meaning. Of course, there are thousands of other symbols unique to particular slots, but you can still see such common symbols as the seven, the card suits, and cherries in almost every machine out there. Hopefully, this knowledge will make your gaming experience more profound and make you feel like touching a part of a gambling legacy.