Apple Pay Casinos: Pros and Cons

apple pay casino

Apple Pay originally launched in the US back in 2014, but it is now being used by players all across the world, including Switzerland. Gambling with Apple Pay is one of the safest and easiest ways to get started playing real money games. You will find many choices when selecting trusted and reliable casino sites that support this option for instant and free deposits.

How to Use Apple Pay with Online Casino

To make use of this trusted and simple payment method, you will need a few things. Apple Pay is only available on Apple mobile devices, so you will need an Apple ID and the latest operating system. The only other thing required is a bank card or a credit card that will be linked with your Apple account.

You will link a credit card or bank account to the wallet section of the installed software on your device. Once this has been done, you are able to visit any licensed online casino that supports the use of Apple Pay to conduct an instant and safe transaction. The best Apple Pay casino will welcome you with a handsome bonus offer when making the first deposit, and you can then easily add funds at any time with just one touch on your mobile device.

Making Secure Deposits with ApplePay

Making a deposit at a casino with Apple Pay is fast, simple and safe. To conduct the transaction, simply visit the cashier at your casino site and choose Apple Pay as a method. You will then select a deposit amount and a card you want to use to complete a transaction. This is all done using Touch ID. Once complete, the deposit amount will be immediately available in a casino account and ready to be used on your favorite games.

There are no additional service fees when using this option, and most of the leading casinos that support Apple Pay will allow for transactions between £20 and £5,000. Some sites may have different deposit limits, so be sure to check these before conducting a transaction.

While you are able to conduct a quick and secure deposit, Apple Pay cannot be used as a withdrawal option. When winnings have been generated, players will have to visit the casino cashier to select an alternative method to remove payouts from an account.

Safety and Security Measures

When it comes to making real money transactions online, players want to make sure they are always protected and that their money is safe. When conducting a transaction at Apple Pay casino sites, you will always benefit from the best levels of security. Apple Pay is one of the safest banking options available and is even more secure than using a traditional credit card.

When you make a deposit using this option, your credit or debit card information will never be shared with the online casino. This allows you to pay without having to divulge any sensitive information to begin playing games for payouts. Apple Pay takes additional steps to ensure your protection and requires a passcode to use the service. Touch ID or Face ID can be used to authenticate a deposit. This ensures that you are the only one that can conduct any transaction using your account.

Benefits of Apple Pay Casinos

For a gambler looking to make real money deposits, an Apple Pay deposit casino is one of the top choices. There are many benefits that will be enjoyed when opting for this payment method. Here, we take a look at the top advantages of being an Apple Pay user.

  • Simple and Instant Transactions – Offering one-touch transactions and no waiting period, you can instantly add funds into a casino account to start playing supported games.
  • No Data Sharing – You will not have to provide any personal or financial data ay a pay by Apple Pay casino.
  • No Fees – You will not incur any additional fees when using this service. The only amount deducted from your bank account or charged to a card is the actual deposit amount selected.
  • Enhanced Security Measures – By using Touch ID, your deposits and all transactions are protected and can only be performed by you. Fingerprint technology protects your information as well as your funds.